Update on our Marketplace

Update on our Marketplace
Fri, Apr 12 2013 4:28:54 AM PDT

We have switched to Direct Delivery!
Finally ♥

IF you continue to have issues with items delivering, pls send me or Toxxic Rhiannyr a note w/ your trans history. But you shouldnt any longer. We are still cleaning up some items, so you may see somethings missing, and it will take a few days to fix all the loose ends. ty for your patience. !

Sele & Toxx

New Blog for Dirtyland – SL

New Blog for Dirtyland – SL // Push those bookmarks drunkies! Dirtyland has a NEW Blog! Here you will find updates on Dirtyland New Releases, Events, Sales & more! We are still under a little bit of construction at the main store, thank you for your patience as we rebuild to bring you a bigger, better Dirtyland. We do have some exciting news! Dirtyland welcomes a NEW Manager, Toxxic Rhiannyr {meh♥}, to help assist you even better. You can send me notecards for assistance with Dirtyland purchases or delivery failures. Please notecards only, as I am not a fan of instant messages. In your note title pls leave “DIRTYLAND”, as I do alot in sl and it will help me serve you faster. Selene and I plan to create exclusive events for Dirtyland customers, partake in sales & outside events. Along with installing a instore vendor system at some point as well. Lots of changes coming, but positive ones, to make it easier for you to shop @ Dirtyland and enjoy a pleasant experience. Our blogger group will also undergo some changes and additions! Lots going on @ Dirtyland! Stay tuned!

~Toxxic Rhiannyr
Dirtyland Manager